Paver patio contractor, hardscapes & paver driveway landscape design in the Barrington, Crystal Lake, Palatine, Lakewood, Bull Valley & Cary areas


Sheetz Landscaping provides landscape design & architectural landscaping for the distinctive home!

Distinctive homes in the Barrington and Crystal Lake area demand equally distinctive landscape design.  Exceptional landscaping is the aesthetic connection between home and grounds that creates a presence, not just an address.



For clients who have a large portion of their lot as an impervious surface
has an option to use permeable pavers for their landscape design.  Permeable pavers can also be used to meet building requirements.

Installation of permeable pavers by Sheetz Landscaping can allow water from rainfall or other sources to drain through the pavement instead of running off into already burdened storm sewers.

Our pictures below are from our clients in the Barrington and Crystal Lake area.


“Thank you for your fine work designing and executing the landscaping for our home”
David from Crystal Lake, Illinois

“Beautiful!!!! We will continue to use Sheetz Landscaping as we make improvements around the exterior of our home.”
James from Barrington, Illinois


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